Posted Thursday, 18th February, 2016

Courtyard surface installation

Courtyard surface installation
Residents in Wellesbourne, Warwick were happy with their retained gravel courtyard constructed using Suregreen's PP40 porous plastic pavers

Read more about this project using Suregreen's black PP40 interlocking plastic paving grids for gravel ground stabilisation:


The residents needed to upgrade the shared courtyard which had become rutted, unsafe and unpleasant.  For the upgrade, the occupants of the houses wanted a hardworking attractive courtyard surface that would be around for many years. They also wanted a courtyard that needed little maintenance, that would not contribute to flooding and at the same time keeping the costs to a minimum.


PP40 Porous Gravel Grid was chosen to meet the requirements of the client.  Following the fully downloadable Suregreen Gravel Grid Installation and the PP40 design guidelines, a fully permeable robust and durable hardworking surface was generated and finished using a mixed size angular gravel.


The residents now have a courtyard that allows for safe parking for themselves as well as for visitors. It is also stable and strong enough to be used as a Fire Engine Emergency Access route and at the same time it is also firm enough for wheelchair movements as the gravel is contained in the gravel grid producing a stable and locked surface.  This suitable surface is produced by way because of the special design of the PP40 Gravel Grid allowing the gravel interlock.  Moreover, the gravel courtyard has now become a deterrent against would be burglars because of the noise that would made from foot or car movements.

To find out more details about permeable surfaces for car parks, access roads, driveways and paths, please visit the following:

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