Posted Thursday, 17th September, 2015

Church parking woes eased

Church parking woes eased

Recently installed GR14 grass reinforcement mesh, has solved the parking issues at Itchen Abass church in Hampshire.

The St John the Baptist Church is a busy, lively and thriving church and is a focal point of the local surrounding village of Itchen Abbas in Hampshire. The church congregation has been steadily growing and the church has become increasingly popular for weddings and christenings. At the same time surrounding roads have become busier. The existing car park was unable to handle the increased numbers wishing to attend church and parking on surrounding roads was becoming impractical. So a new parking area capable of providing up to 25 to 30 car parking spaces had to be found but at a realistic cost as the patrons of the church were funding the required car park

There is grassed field in front of the church that was flat, drained well, has a strong established grass growth and is easily accessible from the main road. Although the car parking area was needed to be used only two to three times a week, the car park is required to be used throughout the year. So what was needed a solution that maintained a grass cover, would allow the grass to be used in the cooler non-growing season months of the year, and was in keeping and not out of place with the surrounding countryside. So what was proposed to be the solution was GR14 Grass Reinforcement Mesh - a thick plastic mesh that allows the grass to grow through the mesh resulting in the mesh disappearing from view and only the original grass being visible. The product were laid directly onto the existing grass and pinned onto the ground. The entire installation was done in a couple of days.

After installation and allowing the grass to entangle with the mesh filaments, the reinforced overflow grass car park was ready for use. The car park was able to offer grass car parking for the patrons of the church and for events throughout the year. The new overflow church car park greatly reduces local congestion and allows the congregation to arrive safely at the church. The car park was installed at a cost that was within an allowable budget and will not blight the landscape or deter the eye away from the beautiful church.

Grass area required for overflow car parkingThe church at Itchen Abbas in HampshireGrass mesh disappears from view, leaving a reinforced parking area

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