Posted Tuesday, 23rd August, 2016

Ambulance Emergency Access Route using Suregreen PP40 Porous Paver

Ambulance Emergency Access Route using Suregreen PP40 Porous Paver
A fire access route must be strong enough to withstand a fire engine. PP40 grass pavers provide the required ground stabilisation with a natural grass surface

Suregreen's PP40 Porous Paver has been recently installed for a Fire Access Route on grass at Hyde Primary School.


Project: Ambulance Emergency Access Route

Client: Whitehorse Contractors

Location: Hyde Primary School

Product: PP40 with Grass Finish


During construction of a sports and playing field at a school in Hyde near Manchester, due to HSE (Health & Safety Executive), guidelines, an Ambulance Emergency access route needed to be built. The road also needed to cope with a slope of 8% and regular pedestrian traffic.  The Emergency Access route needed to conform with the latest SuDS (Sustainable urban Drainage Systems) regulations – that is fully permeable and not contributing to water runoff - and was required to be in keeping with surrounding landscape – so a grass finish was essential.


The Suregreen PP40 Porous Paver with a grass finish was chosen.  Following Suregreen’s technical guidance freely downloadable from the Suregreen website, the road was constructed using fully permeable materials throughout and to a specification able to cope with the passage of an ambulance at speed and frequent pedestrian traffic and all at the same time keeping a grass finish.  The entire installation was done over several days.  The PP40 was also chosen over some other pavers due to its integral ground spikes – to stop possible dislodgement because of the slope - and the open structure of the paver to allow free, strong and entanglement of the grass with the paver to give it extra stability.


The school now has an ambulance emergency access route – hopefully never required -  that they can rely on if needed. The route is fully permeable, will not add to water runoff.  Also no extra drainage was required and so no additional costs incurred.  Also it can be used safely by the pupils of the school in most weather conditions. When the grass has grown fully and entangled with the PP40, it will have an appearance of a landscaped grass area and so in keeping with local demands for natural areas.

  Installation of PP40 Porous Paver with grass finish Grass growing through the PP40 Porous Paver Fire Access Route using PP40 Porous Paver

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