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SKU: Metal Tree Protector

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Product Info:

We offer a range of steel tree protectors which have been designed to offer high levels of protection for young and semi-mature trees. These are commonly used to protect trees from damage in urban environments, such as pedestrian, animal or vehicle damage.

Applications include:

  • In car parks
  • Shopping centres
  • Heavily used or populated areas.

The tree protectors have a unique drive-in feet locking system to aid effective installation. These feet mean that the protectors are simple to drive down into the ground and the feet then lock into place. This means that they require being dug out - a useful anti-theft measure. 

The tree protectors are manufactured from mild steel and coated with a high specification black polymer which offers long-lasting protection from both rust and physical damage. Each unit is supplied with corrosion-resistant fixing bolts and comes in a few sections so that the guard can easily be installed around an already-planted tree.

Once the tree has reached maturity, or if the protector is no longer needed, it is simple to take apart and can be reused time and time again. The protectors are available with or without the grilles and will work effectively using either option.

Technical Information:

  • Manufactured from mild steel with a sleek black finish
  • The metal tree guards come with a steel base to lock the upright firmly in place
  • The guards are 1.8m high and come in two different widths - 40cm or 60cm
  • All shelters are designed to be animal-proof and are also strong enough to protect from vandalism and accidental vehicle impacts

Features & benefits:

  • Metal protectors offering high levels of protection against pedestrians and cars
  • Coated in high specification polymer offering long life and protection from the elements for many years
  • Comes in several pieces so can be installed around already planted trees 
  • Can be taken down and reused time and time again 
  • Available in two different diameters and a number of different finishes