Levington | Tomorite Giant Planter with Seaweed | 3 plant size


SKU: 874387

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Product Info:

How to Use?

- Planting - Shake the bag to distribute the contents.
- Cut out panels along dotted lines.
- Watering - After planting, water in us 6 llitres and then water as necessary to keep bag moist.
- Feeding - Water with 4.5L once a week for heavy feeders such as tomatoes under glass.
- Growing Tips - Avoid piercing the bottom of the bag to retain water. Train plants to fan out so that they - receive maximum light and air.

Technical Information:

  • Keep bag closed when in storage to prevent drying out
  • Occasionally a white mould appears on the compost. This is not harmful and should disappear naturally.

Features & benefits:

  • Perfect for fruit and vegetable gardening
  • Deeper, thicker planter for optimum root growth