Levington | Original Gro-Bag | 3 plant size


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Product Info:

How to Use?

- Planting - Shake the bag to distribute the contents. When only planting two plants use the end panels.

- Delay planting tomatoes until the first flower opens.

- Watering - After Planting, water in using 4.5 litres (approx. 1 gallon), and then water as necessary to keep the bag moist.

- Feeding - We recommend feeding with 20ml of Tomorite diluted in 4.5 litres of water for most crops.  Feed hungry plants such as tomatoes under glass once a week.

- Supporting - Avoid piercing the bottom of the bag. Train plants to fan out so that they receive maximum light and air.

Technical Information:

  • Keep bag closed when in storage to prevent drying out
  • Occasionally a white mould appears on the compost. This is not harmful and should disappear naturally.

Features & benefits:

  • Perfect for Vegetable Crops
  • Ideal for growing tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, cucumbers, green beans and melons
  • The Original Gro-Bag, est. 1973
  • Unique combination of 14 Vital Minerals