Levington | John Innes Ericaceous Compost | 30L


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Product Info:

Levington John Innes Ericaceous compost is ideal for final potting of acid loving plants like Azaleas, Rhododendrons or Heathers. It has been specially developed, with a unique combination of 14 vital minerals for maintaing plants growth and health. With its traditional mix of loam, peat and grit, it provides the perfect structure for your plants roots.

Technical Information:

  • Use straight from bag
  • Keep compost moist and do not let it dry out
  • Occasionally a white mould can appear on the compost. This is not harmful and should disappear naturally.

    See back of pack image for approximate potting capacity of one 30L bag

Features & benefits:

  • Perfect for repotting Ericaceous plants
  • High iron formula for greener, healthier leaves
  • specially balanced nutrient levls, feeds for 6 weeks
  • Traditional mixture of loam peat and grit