Installing a treeshelter is a simple process but it is important to ensure that you have selected the correct type of shelter for the type of tree, the size of shelter and the correct stake.

How to install a tree shelter


Vented Treeshelters:

Ideal for all types of tree including BEECH, PINE & CONIFERS. Suitable for exposed sites as the shelter helps acclimatise the tree to the environment and strengthen it. Not suitable if you are after a guard purely to create a micro-climate inside.

Standard Treeshelters:

Ideal for most broadleaf species excluding BEECH and evergreen species such as PINE & CONFERS. These type of trees prefer ventilation and therefore we advise selecting one of our ventilated tree shelters.

What height of guard is required:

Choose the height of guard based on the animals you are protecting the trees from:

  • Rabbits - 0.6m
  • Hares - 0.75m
  • Muntjac Deer - 1.2m
  • Fallow Deer - 1.5m
  • Red Deer - 1.8M


The following images show the process of installing the tree shelter:
Install the correct size tree stake

Install the treated timber tree stake

Slip the tree shelter over the stake and tree sapling

Place the tree tube over the stake and sapling

Push the treeshelter into the ground to help stabilise and limit weed growth

Push the base of the shelter into the ground

Locate the tree ties so they are around the stake

The shelter is supplied with cable ties

Tie the cable ties so they are tight and secure

Tie the cable ties around the tree stakes

The finished treeshelter should be secure and stable

The tree shelter should now be seucure and stable

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