Plastic Mesh Fencing Installation guideline

The following is a guide to help you choose the right materials for installing a plastic mesh garden fence. Please note these are guidelines only for domestic and private installations. Where a commercial or professional installation is required, please follow the contractors installation guidelines.


MESH FENCE HEIGHT 1.0m 1.5m 1.8m
ANCHOR POST & STRUT DIA. 75-100mm 75-100mm 100mm +
INTERMEDIATE POST DIA. 50-75mm 60-75mm 75-100mm
POST HEIGHTS (Minimum) 1.5m 2.4m 2.4m
INTERMEDIATE POST DISTANCE 2m - 3.5m 2m - 3.5m 2m - 3.5m



1. Install an anchor post every 50m or where there is any change of direction. Ensure that a minimum of ⅓ of each post is in the ground. Use a post driver to install posts. Domestic installation with small diameter posts can be installed using sledge hammer, but protect top of post with a flat piece of timer to prevent the post splitting. Ensure that all posts are installed vertically

2. Anchor posts should be supported with angled timber struts - approx at a 45˚ angle and buried into the ground

3. Intermediate posts should be installed  at equal distances from 2m - 3.5m max apart using the same process as the anchor posts.

4. Ensure route of fencing run is level with no obstacles in the way

5. The plastic mesh fencing should be installed starting by wrapping round the first anchor post and securing between the post and a batten - nailing the batten to the post with the plastic mesh in between. This produces a stronger fixing rather than using u-nails and helps to limit the chance of the plastic mesh filaments splitting.

6. Continue battening and/or u-nailing the mesh to the intermediate fencing posts

7. Plastic mesh fencing should have a straining line wire installed to hold the mesh taut at the top of the fence. This should be installed at the height of the fencing. The line wire should be wrapped around the anchor post and tied back round itself securely. The straining wire should be fixed to the posts using u-nails.

8. A ratchet tensioner can be used to tension the line wire between anchor posts. Tensioning is carried our by winding the ratchet with a spanner or socket wrench. This ratchet remains as part of the line wire installation.

9. The top of the fencing should be fixed to the tensioned line wire using galvanised clips / hog rings.

10. Terminate the plastic mesh fencing round the final anchor post using the same process as round the first anchor post

11. Check the plastic fence for sufficient fixing to all posts (battens and u-nails) and to the straining line wire along the length

12. To tension the fence furrther a line wire can be installed at the base and in the middle of the fencing. (applies to 1.5m fencing and above)

Fencing Anchor Post with angled strutting

Install the anchor posts with angled strut and intermediate posts without struts

Unroll the mesh along the fencing stakes

Unroll the plastic mesh

Fix the mesh the the treated timber posts by battening

Use timber battens to fix the mesh to the stakes.

Fix the mesh the the treated timber posts by battening

Battenning stops the mesh splitting if only fixed using u-nails


Install a line wire to keep the fencing mesh taut, strong and tensioned

Use a straining line wire to keep the fence taut and strong fixing with u-nails

Use inline ratchets to tension the steel line wire

Tensioning ratchets can be used to tension the line wire between posts

The plastic wire should be fixed the the steel line wire using hog ring clips or small nylon cable ties

Use hog-ring clips or small cable ties to fix the mesh to the straining wire

Once installed you will have a taut, strong and attractive plastic mesh garden fence

The finished fence should be strong, taut and attractive.


Please note that for professional installations, please refer to your contractors installation instructions. Suregreen Ltd offer this information as a guide only and cannot be held responsible for the incorrect installation, fencing failures or misleading advice.



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