Geoweb – Ground & Root Protection

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Product Info:

Vehicles and excessive pedestrian traffic around trees root zones can cause compaction and damage of the soil, endangering the structural integrity of the tree. Geoweb is a unique protection system that has been designed to eliminate these risks.

Tree roots often grow within 600mm of the ground's surface, making excavation and construction of ground reinforcement solutions a big risk to the tree and its roots. Geoweb offers ground reinforcement and protection around trees and their critical root zones, unfolding to form a 3D cell structure that can be installed or laid directly on top of the surface requiring reinforcement. The cells are then infilled with gravel or soil to form a strong, single surface that is capable of dealing with heavy vehicles.

Technical Information:

  • Geoweb material unfolds to form a 3D cell structure
  • Can be installed with a minimal depth of the ground being excavated, or can be laid directly on top of the surface that requires reinforcement
  • Distributes loads laterally, reducing point loads and compaction of the subsoil

Features & benefits:

  • Offers ground reinforcement and protection around trees, as well as areas that require a solution compliant with the Arboricultural Method Statement
  • Simply and user-friendly installation process
  • Lightweight and adaptable
  • Can be used for most applications even on slopes
  • Designed to support very large construction and agricultural vehicles