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Defender Pro Tree and Shrub Shelters

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SKU 992305-992367
Weight 0.1kg-0.5kg
Brands Defender
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Features and benefits

  • Improved survival rates of young trees and single-stem plants
  • Protection from animals and mechanical damage
  • Protection from herbicides
  • Accelerated plant growth which will advance the first harvesting
  • Better localisation of the plant at the early stage of plantations in strongly weeded areas
  • Avoids abrasive damage and strangulation of the tree due to the radial top and break line
  • Quick and easy installation with no ties required
  • Manufactured from UV-stabilised and photodegradable polypropylene
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More Information
SKU 992305-992367
Weight 0.1kg-0.5kg
Brands Defender

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The Defender Pro tree shelter offers protection for young trees and shrubs from browsing animals and harsh weather conditions. The shelter has a proven track record of faster tree growth and increased survival rates. These unique square shelters are quick and easy to install and have a “no-tie” securing system where stakes can be placed within the tube itself.

The shelter is manufactured from 100% recycled, UV-stabilised polypropylene plastic which is harmless to the environment. The Defender Pro has a strong twin-wall construction and a radial top to minimise abrasion to the tree stem, and there is an inbuilt “line of least resistance” to ensure the shelter splits open as the girth of the tree increases, minimising the risk of strangulation. The square design also allows the shelters to be flat-packed, making them easier to transport and manoeuvre around site.

Defenders are suitable for use in forestry projects, landscaping, fruit growing and viticulture. The tree shelters are available in a range of different heights from 60cm, 70cm, 90cm, 120m and 150m, with the shrub shelters available in two heights of 60cm and 75cm. They are sold in bundles of 50 pieces and available in a light green colour with an estimated lifespan of 5-7 years.

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Technical information

  • Manufactured from UV-stabilised and photodegradable polypropylene
  • Tree shelter heights available: 60cm, 75cm, 90cm