Blue Slate Chippings | 40mm | 20kg

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Product Info:

These Blue Slate Chippings are an attractive and popular decorative aggregate used for low-maintenance and well-draining landscaping features. These beautiful chippings are a true blue with subtle variations and are known for how the colour changes and deepens when they are wet.

Common applications include:

  • Garden borders and beds
  • Footpaths
  • Patios
  • As a garden feature - for example, as part of a rockery or dressing alpines
  • Ponds, aquatics and other water features (please wash before use)

Optimal installation depth is around 50-60mm deep. Nominal particle size is 40mm.

Technical Information:

  • Optimal installation depth of around 50-60mm
  • A nominal particle size of 40mm
  • Supplied in bags weighing 20kg

Features & benefits:

  • Attractive and popular decorative aggregate
  • Starts off as a beautiful shade of true blue with subtle variations which deepens dramatically when wet
  • Ideal for a range of decorative landscaping applications including garden borders and beds, footpaths


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