Copper Slug and Snail Tape | 4m | 30mm


SKU: 200065

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Product Info:

Copper Slug and Snail tape is a must have item for protecting your garden plants from slimy garden pests. Ideal for use on plant pots, planters, container and raised garden beds this tape is simple to use and easy to apply.

Our copper tape acts as a deterrent to slugs and snails, it will not kill them but will give off a shock-like sensation to the garden pests. To use, remove the protective paper and apply direct to a dry and clean surface. Stick the tape to the planter, pot or container you are trying to protect.

Technical Information:

  • Length: 4m
  • Diameter: 30mm

Features & benefits:

  • Ensure any overhanging branches or leaves are trimmed away and do not hang over the area; the slugs will use them as a bridge As with any copper material
  • Copper Slug Tape will turn green with age, but will not affect the product’s performance