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Product Info:

  • Cemrok Post Fix is specially designed and formulated to produce a high quality concrete for securing any type of post. Cemrok Post Fix is the ideal solution for all post erecting applications.
  • Cemrok Post Fix is specifically designed for securing fence posts (concrete, timber, metal and plastic), gates, washing line poles, rotary washing lines, fence support posts, bird tables / feeders, children’s play equipment, etc.
  • Cemrok Post Fix is factory blended, tested and packaged to quality control procedures in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001.

Technical Information:

 - Typical Application Technique

Dig a hole to recommended specifications. Fill to about one third to half full with water. In sandy soils, use a slurry of Post Fix and water to line the sides. Place post in the hold. Pour in Post Fix at a steady rate around the post while tamping to ensure thorough mixing. Bring dry powder up to the surface of the water. Add a small amount of extra water if any dry powder remains. Tamp surface to eliminate air voids.

Align post to the desired position. No bracing required. Post Fix sets in approximately 5 to 10 minutes. Cold weather will slightly retard the set. Warm water may be used in cold conditions to speed up the set. Your post is fixed in the position you wanted. Cover top of the hole with grass or earth.

 - Depth Calculations

The recommended depth depends on the height of the post, the load it will support and the soil conditions. As a guide, a 75mm (3”) square post 1.5m high should be 46cm (18”) in heavy soil or 60cm (24”) in light soil or exposed position.

Other info

  • Compressive Strength at 28 days - 25n/mm2¬†
  • Set time - 5/10 minutes

Features & benefits:

  • ¬†Fast setting.
  • ¬†Easy to mix¬†‚Ä쬆just add water.
  • ¬†Economic and convenient.
  • ¬†Easy to handle 20kg bags.
  • ¬†Store and use as required.