Levington® Ericaceous Compost | 50L

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SKU 874356
Weight 20kg
Brands Levington
Size 50L
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Features and benefits

  • Ericaceous compost specially formulated for growing acid-loving or lime-hating plants
  • Contains a high iron formula for greener, healthier leaves and a unique balance of nutrients for stronger, healthier plants
  • Ideal for flowerbeds, borders, containers and plant pots
  • Supplied in easy to handle 50L bags
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More Information
SKU 874356
Weight 20kg
Brands Levington
Size 50L

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How to Use Levington Ericaceous Compost

Further information

Ericaceous compost is ideal for the final potting of acid loving plants like azaleas, rhododendrons and heathers.  It is also great for potting, taking cuttings, outdoor planting, tubs, troughs, window boxes and acidic beds.  It has been specially developed with a unique combination of 14 vital minerals for maintaining plants growth and health.  With its unique mix of peat, fibresmart woodfibre and composted bark it provides the perfect structure for your plants roots.

Ericaceous compost works by containing a special pH for acid loving plants with extra iron for glossy green leaves.  The compost uses a patented wetting agent ‘Water Save Technology’ which enables compost to soak and absorb higher levels of water without getting water logged.

Check out our guide on How to Use Levington Ericaceous Compost.

Technical information

  • Product Type: Ericaceous Compost
  • Brand: Levington
  • Bag Size: 50L
  • Child Friendly: Yes
  • Pet Friendly: Yes


  • Keep the bag closed when in storage to prevent drying out
  • Storage from one year to another may affect performance
  • Keep away from pesticides
  • Occasionally, a white mould appears on the compost – this is not harmful to your plants and should disappear naturally


Each bag contains either:

  • 7 hanging baskets (30cm/12”)
  • 50 small plant pots (12cm/5”)
  • 10 medium plant pots (22cm/9”)
  • 5 large plant pots (25cm/10”)

To determine how many bags you need for your project, use our Compost Volume Calculator!

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