Introducing... Vigilis Tree Shelters! | Suregreen News

Introducing... Vigilis Tree Shelters! | Suregreen News
Suregreen is excited to announce the launch of Vigilis Tree Shelters!

Our range will include 60cm, 75cm, 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m tree shelter tubes and our shrub shelters are just around the corner.



• Manufactured from degradable, UV-stabilised polypropylene, offering 5+ years of protection

• Twin-wall construction for added strength and rigidity

• Flared upper rim to minimise abrasion against the stem

• Pre-fitted with high-quality releasable cable ties

• Perforated break line to minimise the risk of strangulation



Offers reliable protection against herbicides

The standard shelters create an effective microclimate to reduce water stress

The vented shelters will help the tree to develop stronger roots in exposed, windy areas

These shelters will increase growth speeds and survival rates


To see how we can help you this planting season, get in touch:

01376 503869