CIMPOR BE20 Fencepost Concrete | Postcrete | 25kg


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Product Info:

  • CIMPOR Postcrete is specially designed and formulated to produce a high quality concrete for securing any type of post. Cimpor Postcrete is the ideal solution for all post erecting applications.
  • CIMPOR Postcrete is specifically designed for securing fence posts (concrete, timber, metal and plastic), gates and other fencing products.
  • This is a powder product which upon the addition of water will harden into concrete.

Technical Information:


Typical Application Technique

  1. Dig a hole to recommended specifications.
  2. Fill to about one-third full with water - Each 25kg bag requires 2-2.5L of water to form a strong concrete.
  3. Add CIMPOR BE20 concrete and mix thoroughly.
  4. Leave the mix to rest.

Data Table:

  • Maximum aggregate size: 5 mm
  • W/B Ratio: < 0,45
  • Cement content: ≥ 220 kg/m3
  • Consistency class: 100 a 150 mm (Class S3)
  • Compressive strength, after 28 days (Testing with Concrete Cubes): ≥ 20 N/mm2 (Class C25/30)
  • Yield (mass of Dry Mix necessary to obtain 1 m3 of fresh concrete): 2200±200 kg/m3


  • Solubility in water (T = 20 °C): slight (0,1 – 1,5 g/l)
  • Density: 2,50-3,00 g/cm³
  • Apparent Density (ES): 1,4-1,7 g/cm³
  • pH (T = 20°C in water): 11-13,5

Points of Note:

  • Packed products should be stored in unopened bags clear of the ground in cool, dry conditions and protected from
    an excessive draught in order to avoid degradation of quality. Bags should be stacked in a stable manner.
  • The product is a mixture of cement, hydraulic lime, limestone and silica aggregates and proprietary additives.

Features & benefits:

  • Long Lasting
  • Strong Hold 
  • Quick Setting 
  • 25kg bag, requires only 2.5L to create concrete.