Bamboo Cane Ridge & Wigwam Grips


SKU: 200027

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Product Info:

Our wigwam cane grip holder can be used in multiple ways to create support structures in your garden for climbing plants, beans and peas. Each ring can support up to 10 canes in a tepee form; use one or two to create a strong growing structure in your allotment or for growing in pots.

The wigwam grip unclips into 5 sections that can be used to create ridge supports to hold protective netting to keep garden pests away from your crops. Each section can secure one ridge cane to two upright support canes. 

Technical Information:

  • Capacity: 10 canes
  • Use for: Wigwam or Ridge Structures

Features & benefits:

  • Used individually to secure 1 cane to 2 uprights or clip 5 together to form a beam ring for up to 10 canes
  • Make plant support frames for bamboo, beans, peas, sweet peas and other climbers